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Internet backbone. We take pride at Data Pro Links in being one of the few Internet Service Providers in Lebanon to be directory plugged into the internet backbone. Advanced fiber optic technology allows for lightning speed response times, real time camera and voice, low latency, and an overwhelming online gaming experience. The advantage of this technology is that you can be physically in one place, and virtually in another place 3000 Km's away in under 150 milliseconds! All this and more is possible with Data Pro Links.
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The center of the world. The most important aspect of a business is how accessible it is to its customers. With offices in our nation's capital, Beirut, Saida, and the Bekaa region, where ever you may be, we are just a short drive away! Another advantage to having several offices all over the nation is expandability. Not only are you able to come to us in person at any time, we are also able to reach you, wherever you are, with easy and comfort. Our company not only is able to reach you anywhere, it also plans on it! The "Lebanon connected" project strives to cover all corners of our nation from the farthest parts of the south, to the most remote regions of the north and anywhere in between. Whether or not you are unhappy with your current internet service provider, or if you are simply unable to access internet due to geographical limitations, Data Pro Links has a solution to suit your needs! For maps of our locations:
Custom software and hardware.
In order for Data Pro Links to reach its maximum potential with its internet connection, we custom designed and deployed our hardware and software. With state of the art servers, routers, backup systems, authentication software, security systems, and professional topologies; we are able to deliver the fastest internet in the country at low costs. This unique setup also allows us to maintain outstanding uptimes and immediate troubleshooting, which means a faster, more reliable, and safer internet for our customers.
Special Events
19/06/2007 - Data Pro Links was established - Data Pro Links first opened its door to customers on the morning of DD Mmm in the city of Saida.
01/10/2009 - Data Pro Links covers all corners of the capital - Data Pro Links installs access points across our nations capital, covering every square inch of Beirut and its suburbs.
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